Fear is dominating many of our lives without us noticing that it is dictating how we make our decisions. When I became aware of fear and what it does to the human body I made some drastic decisions to walk in peace and to keep my eyes focused on where peace comes from. Science is now for the first time in history affirming that there is a higher intelligence. The evidence is undeniable it will take many more years before the text books will print the new evidence. There is an intelligence that has set everything in motion by laws. When these laws are violated or ignored life does not go well. The real question is what are these laws. We have heard of the golden rule do unto others what you would have them do unto you. There is also the law of attraction, that we attract unto us what is really inside of us. If we do not like what is around us the question we need to ask ourselves is what is in me that is attracting these things.

When I recognized fear was so dominating my life I had to ask hard questions and become truthful with myself. I find that it is easy to fool oneself and keep pretending that it is someone else’s fault for the condition that we find ourselves in, but if I wanted peace I had to grab a hold of truth, my truth, and see what lies I had believed that made me feel I had to make or allow others to make my decisions. Fear is sometimes difficult to see but if you are not loving yourself or others fear is lurking within.

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